Melbourne to India ........

Hey I am back with some more peekaboo in my life. Being from Army back ground i did get to travel a lot and even when i was head over heels in love with Bhagsu I did explore other places like Manali, Mussorie, Rishikesh, Jaipur etc. But something in Bhagsu Dharamshalla kept pulling me back year after year . I just could not stop myself from going to Bhagsu with different frens all over the year. Then Finally 2006 I got Married and moved to Melbourne, Australia. After spending few months in Melbourne i had that urge to go back to India and felt something was missing in my life. I could not go back for 4 years so I went looking for my love for the mountains. I ended up in MT Bullar, the mountain was definitely beautiful and full of snow but it was nothing close to the mountains of Dharamshalla but I still stayed there for few days again back to Melbourne. After few months again I started feeling the void in my life and I again decided to go back to MT Bullar which was few hours drive from Melbourne the third time I went there I was expecting my first baby and everyone told me not to go there but my love for mountains could not stop me. 
After few years in Melbourne i was back in India in 2014 Jan and June 2014 with my little boy who is not so little anymore we went to Bhagsu and I was so surprised
 to see the new Bhagsu totally concrete firstly I did not recognize that its the same place that I had fallen in love with. I was so inspired by the mountains and the joy they had brought in my life. I loved the simplicity of this place but I was really disappointed. 
I wished and longed for the same Bhagsu That I had been to but after spending few days there I had fallen in love with it again.
Its only the mountains which beckons me with that sort of painful magnetic pull to walk deeper and deeper into their beauty . They keep me continuously wanting to know more and more, see more and feel more.
   Mount Bullar Australia
Flirting with Snow
 En route to MT. Bullar
  Ready for cable wire 

Weekend getaway

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